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Ms. Vicki Oxby, R.N.,  PCSC Supervisor of Nursing Services

Immunization Notice for 6TH Grade, Juniors and Seniors for 2017-18

Per the Indiana State Department of health, students entering the 6th grade will require and a meningitis vaccine ( MCV4) and an additional tetanus/ diphtheria vaccine (Tdap).  While we are aware several students have already updated their status with our prior notices, we want to be sure all parents and students receive a reminder to have this done by the first day of school which will be August 9, 2017

For incoming Seniors for the year 2017-18, a 2nd MCV4, which is a meningitis vaccine is required.  Also a new immunization against meningococcal B (Men B) will be recommended.  While the new vaccine is a recommendation for seniors this year, it will be a requirement of 2 of these vaccines for seniors for the following year of 2018-19. Students going into their junior year may choose to begin their series of the 2 vaccines this year for the convenience of timing for their senior year in 2018-19.

For questions over the summer regarding the immunization guidelines, you may contact your local health department at (812) 354-8797 or your personal physician both of which have the Indiana immunization requirements.  This information can also be found on the Pike County School Corporation website and Facebook page.

Immunization Requirements for 2017-2018 School Year

Head Lice Policy


Medical Administration

Prescription Medications

Prescription medication shall be sent to school in the original container with the pharmacy label affixed. The pharmacy label shall serve as the written order of a practitioner. Parents should send a note with the instructions regarding a designated time of day the medication should be given. Ask your pharmacist for an extra container labeled "for school" for your convenience. Instructions that differ from the pharmacy label must be in writing from the prescribing physician. Written instructions may be faxed from the physician if there are changes.

Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter FDA approved medication will also require a physician/practitioner's order to be given. This includes such medication examples as Tylenol, and cough, cold, and allergy products. The medication shall be sent to school with the manufacturer's original label and the student's name affixed to the original packaging. Again, an instructional note or phone call to the nurse should be provided regarding the medication. If instructions are not provided per the guidelines, the medication will not be given. Parents are advised to give "three time a day" medications, such as antibiotics, at home for your convenience of transporting the medication. The permission statement must be signed by the parent/guardian in order for any doctor's orders to be followed by the school nurse. The physician's order, along with the parent's permission, is valid for one school year.