World Access Center

Amanda Howald, Librarian


Welcome to the World Access Center!

The World Access Center, as the middle school library is known, contains more than 30 computer research stations that are linked to the Internet and the Pike Central online library catalog. The print collection is made up of 6,000 volumes that include a core reference collection, nonfiction, and fiction books. The fiction selections include titles recommended by the Wilson Middle and Junior High Library Catalog, School Library Journal, and other noted resources. Titles available include Newberry Award winners and the Young Hoosier Book Award nominees. The World Access Center was developed to provide students with the materials and resources needed to develop their research and information literacy skills and to provide a wide range of leisure reading materials that will foster a love of reading for pleasure.

Pike Central Middle School students also have access to the resources housed in the Pike Central High School Media Center

Mission Statement

The library exists to insure that the curriculum needs of the students and faculty are supported with a variety of resources. In order to provide the best possible service, the library staff works closely with teachers and students to insure that materials representing various levels and viewpoints are available, to develop educational activities that utilize the resources of the media center, and to provide learning activities to develop each individual's reading and research skills. The library's goal is to encourage a life-long love of learning that will enable students to become responsible, independent users of literature and information resources.


Policies and Procedures


The World Access Center follows the PCSC calendar.

Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Fees and Fines

Overdue books: $.03 per day per item. Fines are not assessed on weekends or school holidays.

Lost or damaged items: Replacement cost for the item

Students with overdue books and unpaid fees may not check out additional materials until all items are returned and all fees are paid.

Student Use

Students may use the World Access Center with a pass. Teachers may send students with a signed handbook pass or a media center small group pass.

Students who do not follow procedures and/or demonstrate disorderly behavior will be sent back to class and may lose the privilege of using the World Access Center.

Computer Access

Access to the Internet to conduct assigned research is available to students. Students must have an Internet Use Policy signed by a parent on file and present an Internet Use form signed by the teacher before they are allowed access to the Internet.

Access to the on-line library catalog does not require written permission.

Circulation Policy

Students may check out regular fiction, nonfiction, and selected periodicals for a period of two weeks. Students may check out up to 3 books at one time.

Faculty members may check out regular fiction, nonfiction, and selected periodicals for a period of four weeks.

Reference books may not be checked out.

Materials borrowed from other libraries through INCOLSA are subject to the policies of the lending facility.

Students may not check out instructional media or equipment.

Staff members may check out instructional media for a period of two weeks.

General Rules

No food, drinks, gum or candy is allowed in the World Access Center.

Students are expected to follow all requests and commands the first time they are stated.

Students are expected to be respectful of fellow students and staff and to treat materials and furnishings with care.

The World Access Center is not to be used as a hallway or passageway by students moving from one area of the building to another.

Students should not replace books on the shelves after use. Books should be left on the tables or placed in the book return after use.